Martha has done it again – Martha’s Vineyard that is. Welcome the 10th Anniversary Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival! Join movie and television stars, special guests, and all the big screen fun from September 8th to September 13th at the MV Film Center at 79 Beach Road, Vineyard Haven, MA.

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Find Exclusive Access
Want exclusive access? There are tickets just for you! You could be rubbing elbows with filmmakers in pre and post festival parties! Get a feel for what it must be like to walk the red carpet, and come out for the 2015 Marthas Vineyard International Film Festival.

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Its Elementary!

Imagine having access to the inner workings of screenwriters and filmmakers alike. Perhaps learn the real inspiration behind the movie Mr. Holmes, a film dedicated to looking at a side of Sherlock Holmes that we may have failed to ponder. A much older Holmes comes home after taking a long journey abroad only to find a changed world, different than the one he knew. On the other hand, perhaps it is he who has changed.

Maybe what you really need for your nefarious plans is a minion. Even if your plans are no more nefarious than simply where to score your next morning coffee – you need a minion!

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You can find your own small, yellow Bob, Kevin or Stuart at the Film Festival!

Finding Hollywood at The Vineyard
Of course, the most civilized way to get to your island destinations is with Seastreak! No need to wrinkle your clothes, stuck in a car that’s stuck in traffic. Seastreak’s lavish accommodations will have you feeling like a movie star waiting to make your grand entrance. After arriving wrinkle-free and rested, you can let Mr. DeMille know you’re ready for your close-up!

Sea you soon!

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