Through gale winds and the roaring storms of winter, one thing stands straight and true atop the 130-foot clay-colored cliffs– The Gay Head Lighthouse in Martha’s Vineyard.

The Gay Head Lighthouse is also known as the Aquinnah Lighthouse. It is one of the many beautiful and historic lighthouses in New England.

The Faithful 1

A Beacon of Hope
Martha’s Vineyard has long been a popular vacation destination. The long beautiful coastlines with soft sand beaches and contrasting red clay cliffs beckon the romantic and the adventurer alike.

Lighthouses represent more than a simple tool of a harbor or coastline: a lighthouse has represented refuge, safety, and home for sailors and travelers from faraway lands. They have also meant danger, caution, and have been a beacon of hope in tumultuous, uncertain dark waters.

The Faithful 2

There is a mystery hidden in the old lighthouses along the New England coastline, and Aquinnah Lighthouse is no exception. This majestic tower growing out of the cliff plateau has a fascinating history. For generations, the lighthouse keepers kept both light and home here, and saved countless lives from being struck out on the rocky shoreline and the barnacle-covered reefs.

Faithful Service
Before the lighthouse became automated, the lighthouse keepers and their families would brave the chill of the damp old home and the howling wind to keep the lighthouse lamp lit. You can now come out and enjoy the ocean view while taking in a piece of Martha’s Vineyard memory.

The Faithful 3 Edgartown Lighthouse is another lighthouse on Martha’s Vineyard that you can explore. Climb to the top and feel like one of the lighthouse keepers of old looking out over the great big blue.

Sail Away
Imagine a time when you would step aboard to face an unknown journey. All of your hopes and dreams are set on the destination ahead. Dream aboard Seastreak, while we traverse a course that generations have taken before – though certainly not in the same level of luxury!

Sea you soon!

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