Nope. Not doing the “Oh My!” reference today. We’ll keep it in our back pocket for a while, until we need it.

More importantly — have you been to Martha’s Vineyard lately? No? Do you like chocolate? Of course you do. How about sitting down for a good meal and a microbrew at the end of the day? Who doesn’t? And, of course, everyone loves frogs.

So prepare yourself for a whirlwind tour of some of the destination’s most entertaining locations!

Mmm… Chocolate…
Chilmark Chocolates is a local store which is known not only for its delicious chocolates, but also its involvement in the community. They treat their employees well, and perform services such as delivering cards to nursing homes on Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate and Frogs 1
If they take that much care of their community, imagine how much care they take with their chocolate! Or don’t imagine — you can go taste it for yourself!

Lazy Frogs
When I think of leisure, the animal that comes to mind is housecats, followed by pet dogs. I’m not quite sure what comes after that, but it’s definitely not a frog!
Chocolate and Frogs 2
And yet, there it is: the Lazy Frog is a store “devoted to leisure,” and it’s a wonderful place to visit if you could use some R&R. Their mascot — Marvin, the lazy frog — is drawn to look like Martha’s vineyard, and the store stands as a symbol of what a vacation on the vineyard should be like.

Winding Down
Chocolate and Frogs 3
For those of you going without the kids, there’s no better place to wind down than at Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery. This local bar and tasting establishment operates on the principle of community first, and offers — among other things — four of their own micro-brewed beers. Plus, if you time your visit right, you might even get to hear some of the live music they bring in to keep the vibe relaxed.

Are you noticing a theme here? Eating chocolate, being lazy, being relaxed… Yeah, I thought so. So why not head over on Seastreak? You can extend that lovely feeling for that much longer.

Sea you Soon!
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