Close your eyes and experience the sweet and woodsy scents of jasmine mixed with sandalwood. Imagine a life of ease and complete relaxation where your problems simply wash away. Martha’s Vineyard once again has delivered your utopia at The Mod Spa at 243 Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown.

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Retreat to Your Island Nirvana
Bring your bridal shower, birthday wishes, significant other, or just yourself and find your blissful state of nirvana at The Mod Spa. You can enjoy a hot stone massage, facials, a hardy Swedish massage, or even a simple peppermint pedicure. They offer everything from the simplest manicure to full spa packages that will make everyone who stayed home jealous!

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The Mod Spa only uses organic products that are kind to you and the environment! Your skin will thank you when you pamper yourself to silky smooth perfection.

Yoga-na Love It!
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After your ocean voyage to Martha’s Vineyard, you can continue that VIP feel with The Mod Spa by joining their Yoga on the Vine classes during your stay. Extend your utopian spa experience by staying flexible and in balance and harmony!

Find Your Happy Place
Just sit back and breathe. We have everything covered, so you have nothing to concern yourself with other than getting to one of our ports. Once on board Seastreak your greatest concern will be where to begin your retreat into a land far-far away. Where the world slows down and time seems to forget the smog and honking horns of traffic and road rage. We should warn you, there are side effects to such a relaxed, carefree adventure. You may suffer from sudden onslaughts of laughter, uncontrollable smiling, and feelings of general contentment. Many have experienced these symptoms and we feel compelled to inform you that you might even find your happy place aboard one of our Seastreak ferries. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Sea you soon!
The Seastreak Family



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