They may not be able to give shellfish an education, but at Farm.Field.Sea they can offer you an education on shellfish! Martha’s Vineyard once again does not fail to amaze and delight!

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Behind The Culinary Curtain
Now you can get a peek behind the culinary curtain. Farm.Field.Sea has made it possible for you to roll up your sleeves, and merge a wine pairing with the experience of knowing where your food originates. It is time to get a little dirt under your fingernails, and some laughter in your life as you make new friends and commune with nature.

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Why Observe When You can Live?
When you arrive at the farm you will be staying in, you will begin learning about the sustainable practices on the island. You will learn how the foods you enjoy are grown and harvested. From farm to fields and everything in the sea, you can gather the first-hand experience. Learn what it takes to make it all the way to your table. Their culinary experts will guide you in creating delicacies that you can enjoy and recipes you can wow your family with at home.
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You will learn about sustainable fishing, farm exploration, shellfish education, have cooking classes, learn cheese making, wine tastings, and hear lots of island stories!

Come a Guest, Leave a Native
When you arrive, you will be the VIP and distinguished guest. While you will always be the guest of honor, it won’t take long before you will feel like a native and settle into being a fellow islander.

Arrive in style aboard your Seastreak ferry and after you have made new friends and adopted new family, we will bring you safely home again in comfort. Rest on board while you ease your way back into your daily routine. However, don’t stay away too long – you’re now an Islander after all!

Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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