Food trucks ought to come with the same kind of music players ice cream trucks do. That way, we’d know when to run out and grab some good food. Until November 23, though, you won’t have to look hard to find some of the most creative eats in New York. On Saturdays, you can go to East River State Park (90 Kent Avenue), and on Sundays, you can head to Brooklyn Bridge Park (334 Furman Street), and check out Smorgasburg’s collection of mobile eateries!

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Eat, Shop, and Be Merry

Smorgasburg is like the food arm of the Brooklyn Flea Market. If you read this blog often, you’ve heard us sing the praises of this fun and family-friendly shopping experience before. Brooklyn Flea was already a great way to spend a day, but Smorgasburg tips it over into a truly epic way to pass an afternoon. Even if you’re not up for browsing the goods on sale, you can still enjoy the fall weather while stuffing yourself full at the more than 75 vendors.

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More Food Than You Can Shake a Flea At

Walk around with your very own convenient cheese plate by visiting Cheese Pops. (Cheese on a stick? Sign us up for sure.) Those ought to tide you over while you walk from there over to Landhaus Sandwiches. Then you’ve just got to try the sensational and strange Ramen Burger. Gluten got you down? No problem. Check out Krumville for all your gluten-free treats. The whole Smorgasburg spread will make you want to Rock the Kasbah!

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Even though it’s called a flea market, and even though we’re glad to allow pets on our ferries, Seastreak politely requests that you don’t bring your fleas onboard. (They afraid of water. Something about flea dips.) Bring yourselves and your friends for the best ferry ride you’ve had, on one of our comfortable catamarans!


Sea you soon!

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