Everyone should visit a psychic once in their life for A) the fun of it and B) for curiosity’s sake. New York City is crawling with magical, spiritual and classically educated people who can read your palm, heal your soul and tell your future. A must-do for the astrology obsessed (guilty!), but who wouldn’t want to have a personalized session with the city’s finest psychics?

It seems like there’s a psychic on every block ready to tell your fortune, but is there a difference between a $5 session and a $100 session? Absolutely! While storefronts attract the adventurous  tourist, most of NYC’s well known mediums work out of their homes or private offices not visible at street level.

Deb McBride

If you read your horoscope like your life depends on it, then you’ll love  Deb McBride. A Brooklyn based astrologer, she takes classic astrology very seriously and prepares for your visit by reading your chart in depth. Key information about your birth informs your chart and her reading, so be prepared to give her specific details, including your birth date and time.

Karen Thorne

Karen Thorne is another popular astrologer that offers personal chart readings, combined charts for two people, business charts and birth charts. She has been studying the stars for years and even teaches classes to those aspiring to gain insight and become a psychic themselves!

Mark Seltman

Known as “Master Palmist,” Seltmans mission is to get you better acquainted with yourself by analyzing the lines on your hand. They tell a lot about a person, and arguably the key to predicting your future is in understanding your present. He says “the value in reading hands is in being able to readily and easily identify human character, behavior, and motivation.” We couldn’t agree more!

Psychics 1

Astro Twins

These famous twins are worth mentioning because they are physics to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Beyonce and Sting. They’re the brand behind several books including the upcoming Momstrology, teaching parents what their child’s sign brings to their personality and compatibility with you. Their site Astro Style has daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes read by thousands. They also offer scheduled phone or Skype sessions lasting anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes if you can’t make it in person, but the cosmic energy they emit is definitely worth a trip.

Psychics 2

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