Street photographer Bill Cunningham is beloved by fashionistas, bloggers, visual artists and just about anyone looking for inspiration. His photographs grace the pages of The New York Times, and now the walls of the New York Historical Society.

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His weekly column for The New York Times documents, dissects and summarizes trends that catch his eye. The column, “On the Street,” is practically an institution. His iconic blue overcoat (easily found in French drug stores) and ever-present camera around his neck make up the legend. He can be spotted at nightly events snapping photos of guests and the social scene, but he is equally at ease in the midst of Fashion Week.

The most fascinating thing about Bill is that he himself is a simple man with a childish enthusiasm for the unique. He only ever photographs what he likes and is well respected for staying true to his intuition.

Anna Wintour has famously stated “We all get dressed for Bill,” and this couldn’t be truer.

Bill has made a name for himself not overnight, but through years of hard work and many photographs. The New York Historical Society is showcasing just a brief period of his work with images from a book he published decades ago called Facades.

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The Examiner states, “An anthropologist of all things New York, Cunningham commenced his Facades project in 1968 by scouring the city’s flea markets, auction houses, and thrift stores for vintage clothing, which he then utilized to pose models in period costumes at historic New York locales.

By the time he had completed his project in 1976, Cunningham had amassed more than 500 outfits and photographed nearly two thousand New York locations.”

So if you’re into fashion, history, photography, or just being near Central Park, The New York Historical Society is a place to see this spring. Before checking out the exhibit, be sure to watch the documentary on Bill Cunningham to see how truly extraordinary this ordinary man is.

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