Winter has decided to overstay its welcome. It lingers, like family who keep prolonging a sudden stay to spend “just a couple more days” camped out in your guest room. Icy, freezing weather is worse than guests who just won’t go (your mileage may vary), but easier to escape for a little while. A hot bowl of ramen soup can drive off the chill, and thaw you out after doing errands in the not-so-great outdoors. Head down to 70 Kenmare Street, and grab a bowl at Ramen Lab!

Ramen Lab 1

The Gods of Noodle Soup

Ramen Lab is where one of the four Gods of Ramen dole out their wheaty blessings. (No, really. Chef Shigetoshi “Jack” Nakamura is known as one of Japan’s Four Ramen Gods.) This makes the soup here truly divine.

Ramen Lab 2

The menu is limited. For an appetizer, you can snag an order of gyoza, filled with pork, Napa cabbage, and chives. After that, pick from one of the two flavors of ramen available that day. There’s an option with meat, and a vegetarian choice, and you can add a soft-boiled egg, if you’d like. That’s it. When a restaurant can pull off a menu with just two choices, you know it has to be good.

Ramen Lab 3

Using Your Noodle

Ramen restaurants have risen in popularity in recent days. The culinary style has been around for more than a hundred years (even if there’s some debate on where it originated), but lately, Americans have found a new appreciation for the simple, delicious noodles. You’ve got more choices than ever when you want a bowl of rich, flavorful soup. Maybe you’ve tried Ivan Ramen already. Here’s your excuse to go out for lunch again, so you can compare the two.

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