One of the highest compliments often paid to restaurants is, “The food tasted just like homemade.” That’s a bit ironic, if you think about it. You’ve gone out to eat, and yet, you’re commending your dinner for tasting like what you could have gotten from your kitchen. But “homemade” means more than a lack of refinement. It means hearty meals that taste like familiar comforts while still impressing you with their delicious flavor. Christine’s Italian Restaurant, at 42 1st Avenue in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, understands how to make their diners feel at home!

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The Comforts of Home

The best Italian recipes are those passed on from generation to generation, keeping the tastes of traditional foods alive throughout the years. These meals can’t help but taste as though they were made by the loving hand of someone’s grandmother for a Sunday dinner with the family. Chef Ron Marino, owner of Christine’s Italian Restaurant, tries to bring all the comfort of family suppers to every dish he serves.

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The Excitement of Dining Out

Chef Marino doesn’t just serve his grandmother’s favorite recipes, however. His experience in the kitchen and his creativity shine through in unexpected ways. Italian egg rolls, made with sweet and hot sausage, broccoli rabe, and mozzarella cheese are just one example of the unique and delectable dishes you’ll find.

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For wine aficionados who’d like to sample the terrific treats on the menu with their favorite wine, Christine’s Italian Restaurant welcomes you to bring your own bottle. It’s another small touch that gives this restaurant a homemade feel. Be certain to ask about the dinner specials, too!

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