Let’s have a show of hands. How many people remember diligently minding the needs of a Tamagotchi? (Are you still taking care of that thing? If not, we might have some sad news to break to you about its health and well-being.) Were the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers your favorite show? All right, put your hands down. If you understood these references too clearly, or have wistful memories about all the other trappings of that era, it’s possible you’ve gotten on a bit in years. Or, in the words of the show playing at the Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street), Hey, 90s Kids, You’re Old.

Hey 90s Kids 1

Aged to a Fine Vintage

This show is a gigantic reference to everything made popular in the titular decade. Its premise is simple: What would happen if the characters and creations from the 90s were placed in today’s world? Waldo would end up trying to date online. (If anyone could find him.) The Power Rangers might have trouble replacing their members in today’s employment market.

Hey 90s Kids 2

Beneath the comedy is a message worth thinking about. We’re prone to romanticizing the era we grew up in, and all the cultural references that surrounded us back then. Remaining stuck in that comfort zone, rather than embracing at least some of modern times, could make us seem a bit obsolete.

Up and Coming Talent

This irreverent comedy is playing as part of the FRIGID New York Festival, from February 20 until March 1. The festival’s goal is to give artists a chance to produce their play, no matter what style it is, and to make the event affordable to the community. It’s a terrific way to check out emerging artists you might not otherwise see.

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