A thousand songs, stories, and television programs base themselves in the intricacies of the negotiations surrounding relationships. Which is to say, any time you put two human beings together and throw in high emotions, life might get complicated. This was especially true in the past, when inheritances and previous marriages got in the way. See what happens when a bunch of gold-digging men vie for the attentions of a lovely, rich widow in “The Merry Widow” at the Metropolitan Opera (30 Lincoln Center Plaza)! There’s just one performance of this musical comedy left in the season.

The Merry Widow 1

Money, Love, and Song

The year is 1905. Several of the noblemen of Pontevedro – a tiny state in the Balkans – are very concerned about a lady named Hanna Glawari’s vacation to Paris. She’s the widow of the wealthiest man in Pontevedro, and if she finds love in France, she’ll take her former husband’s money with her. This could have devastating consequences on the little state’s finances.

These noblemen do what noblemen in grand productions do best: they concoct schemes and perpetrate shenanigans to try to keep Hanna’s wealth in the country. Hanna has many suitors, eyeballing her for her beauty, her temperament, and her wealth. She knows perfectly well what they want, however, and doesn’t make their lives easy. Especially not the life of the one who truly loves her, not her fortune.

The Merry Widow 2

One Last Performance

May 7 is the last showing of “The Merry Widow”, so don’t delay in picking up tickets for this terrific production. Virtuoso director and choreographer Susan Stroman, known for such shows as “The Producers” and “Oklahoma!” has designed this art nouveau presentation, which even includes the infamous Maxim’s in Paris.

The Merry Widow 3

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