You’ve seen enough snow now, right? Could be, you’ve seen enough snow for the next three years. If you caught Jack Frost alone somewhere, he might end up in the bay while wearing a pair of cement shoes. (Disclaimer: Seastreak does not endorse violence against people real or fictional, but we’re pretty darned tired of winter, too…) How about some signs of a thaw? Nothing says “spring” like flowers, and Macy’s has you covered. From Saturday, March 22 to Saturday, April 4, you can take in some dazzling flower gardens and arrangements at the Macy’s Flower Show, in Macy’s Herald Square! It’s even free!

Macy's Flower Show 2015 1

Flower Power

For 41 years, the Macy’s Flower Show has displayed spectacular floral arrangements designed especially for their springtime event. This is a unique opportunity to get a look at the different varieties of flowers from around the world, put together in one, free show. There’s also special savings for those who attend the show, so if you had shopping to do, now’s a pretty good time.

Macy's Flower Show 2015 2

By Any Other Name

See themed gardens, such as the Stone Forest Garden, and the Tropical Oasis garden featuring gorgeous and exotic blooms. Also feast your senses on the amazing arrangements designed by such famous names as Martha Stewart (you probably know her), Kenji Takenaka (he’s designed flowers for Carnegie Hall and the United Nations), and Jes Gordon (who’s done arrangements for places like Target and Budweiser).

Macy's Flower Show 2015 3

There’ll be other events as well, such as a cooking demonstration with Martha Stewart, and a sugar flower cooking demonstration. Bring the kids to family fun day on March 22, too!

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