Dear Seastreak Riders,

We are pleased to report that our new Vessel, the Seastreak Commodore, departed Franklin, Louisiana at 11:30 am this morning with our captain and crew and currently is underway on her way home to New Jersey.  The Commodore successfully completed inspections and sea trails with the U.S. Coast Guard, exceeding our performance expectations with a top speed of 39 knots.

We are planning to stop for fuel in Fort Myers, West Palm, Charleston, and Morehead City before arriving back in New York Harbor as early as Friday evening or Saturday of this week.  The Seastreak Commodore will then undergo another round of U.S. Coast Guard New to Zone inspections next week.  As the Commodore is completely outfitted and ready to go, we will place her into service immediately after completing inspection.

We are extremely proud of our Engineering/Operations group, and the entire Seastreak team who have worked diligently for several years to build the highest capacity U.S.C.G. sub chapter K high-speed passenger catamaran ever constructed in the United States.

Seastreak is currently the only private ferry company to have in place an accredited Safety Management System certified by the American Bureau of Shipping Class Society.  In the spirit of this program, and our dedication to safety and continuous improvement, the Commodore is equipped with the most advanced bridge navigation equipment available in the marketplace, which has been supplied by Furuno USA, including:  (2) 32″ x-band high speed radars, FLIR night vision technology, and a state of the art Furuno ECDIS chart plotting system.


In addition to safety equipment, the Commodore has a total of 525 comfortable high-back interior, and an additional 240 exterior seats, supplied by Berteaux, along with four modern main-deck bathrooms and an additional 3 bathrooms on the second deck.

The Commodore is also equipped with an onboard climate control system utilizing Daikin’s VRV IV heat pump system, with infrared sensors on each deck, to help fine-tune temperatures throughout the vessel.   Additional onboard facilities include a saloon bar, flatscreen TVs, wifi, and multiple dedicated charging stations.

Her energy-saving onboard and tri-color exterior LED lighting is supplied by Imtra, and includes handrail-mounted stairwell lights, while interior units are recessed and dimmable.

Power comes from four clean burning Tier (3) 12V4000M64 MTU diesel engines producing 7,274 HP connected to four Rolls Royce S63 water jets, making her the largest and fastest vessel in the Seastreak fleet.

We are very excited to share our magnificent new vessel with you, and can’t wait to welcome you aboard next week!



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