Hollywood has earned an indelible place in all our minds. Movies and even movie theaters have become symbols of Hollywood’s influence on our culture. Even in other countries, Hollywood is synonymous with films and the movie experience, with millions spent each year on watching American cinema. (And let’s not forget Bollywood, whose name borrows heavily on America’s movie capital.) Given all this, it’s easy to overlook the thriving film business in other countries. You can find out more about Poland’s cinematic talent at the New York Polish Film Festival! It’s taking place May 1 through May 3 at the Anthology Film Archives (32 Second Avenue)!

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Glimpses of Far Away Places

Polish film makers are known for their broad travels and diverse subject material. These cinematographers make their influence felt around the world, from America to Africa, India, and beyond. Celebrating these creative and bold individuals not only seems obvious, but it means a fantastic event for New Yorkers to enjoy!

New York Polish Film Festival 2

A broad array of films offer windows through which to glimpse Polish life, culture, and history. “Bogowie” (“Gods”) tells a story based in the true-life events surrounding Professor Zbigniew Religa, who performed Poland’s first successful heart transplant. It confronts the ethical issues surrounding the operation, as well as more mundane troubles, such as the fight for funding and equipment. “Papusza” shows in lyrical style the tale of the first Roma woman to have her poems published.

Speaking Your Language

Don’t worry about understanding the films at the festival. All Polish films will be subtitled in English, so you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate them all. Be sure to check the schedule so you can get tickets to all the shows you want to see!

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