All right, whippersnappers, you may not remember this, but once upon a time, there was a dance called the Funky Chicken. (Although given how it looked, not remembering might be the best thing for you.) There’s been at least one modern take on the dance, but it’s possible that chicken moves are best left to the birds. However, Harlem’s got a funky chicken everyone can enjoy! Sink your teeth into delicious chicken dishes at the new Streetbird Rotisserie! It’s at 2149 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, right at the corner of 116th Street.

Streetbird Rotisserie 1

For the Birds

Marcus Samuelsson’s already a touch famous for his first restaurant, Red Rooster. Streetbird Rotisserie is a sister restaurant to this first endeavor, and it’s a highly worthy addition to the family. The variety of ways in which Streetbird Rotisserie prepares this venerable fowl will entice you back for many visits so you can try one of everything.

Streetbird Rotisserie 2

You’ll find reliable favorites on the menu, like rotisserie chickens served fresh and in quarters, halves, or whole. Pick a sauce to go with it, such as a sweet soy sauce, the distinctive Jamerican, or the specialty Streetbird hot sauce. Or grab a platter of wings with all the fixings, including their house wing sauce.

Something a Little Different

For all the more traditional dishes on the menu, you’ll find some pretty odd birds, too. Try the Swediopian, with doro wat, injera, fresh cheese, and boiled egg. If you’re not in the mood for chicken, test out the Hot Splash, with piri-piri spiced catfish, pickled cucumber, and avocado.

Streetbird Rotisserie 3

Streetbird is open for walk-in dining, and they have a walk-in takeout selection, too. Delivery’s coming soon!

When it comes to customer service, Seastreak rules the roost! Our comfortable catamarans, with indoor and outdoor seating as well as full cash bars, will give you something to crow about.


Sea you soon!

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