It might not be so popular in New York City, where real estate’s at a premium, and peace and quiet just means your neighbors aren’t screaming at each other. But down in the South, sitting on the porch can be a highlight of the evening. Head outside with a cool drink and a snack to go with it, settle in, and unwind from a long day. Sounds like a little bit of paradise, doesn’t it? There’s a new bar in the city where you can find a feeling much like that. Head to 271 11th Avenue, and you’ll find Porchlight!

Porchlight 1

No Bug Zapper Needed

The famous Danny Meyer, and his partner Mark Maynard-Parisi (of Blue Smoke fame) have brought a touch of Southern charm to New York City with Porchlight. Simple décor creates a relaxing atmosphere where you won’t worry about coming underdressed. There’s a completely indoor porch for sitting, and rocking chairs for kicking back in. Porchlight even has a game room where you can play a round.

Drinking on the Porch

People looking for froofy drinks or fancy food might not find what they’re looking for, but anyone looking for an honest drink and bite to eat may discover a new favorite place to hang. The chef from Blue Smoke, Jean-Paul Bourgeois, makes top-notch bar snacks to eat as a base for the outstanding drinks.

Porchlight 2

Whiskey and cola may sound easy, but Porchlight makes their own cola syrup to turn it into something special. Their Sazerac is made with Cognac, to put a spin on the Southern favorite. Eats include jalapeno cheddar cornbread, boiled peanut hummus, and fried frog legs, too.

Porchlight 3

Seastreak puts on the Southern charm every day! (If we’re talking about the southern part of Manhattan.) Let us treat you to some old fashioned hospitality on one of our luxurious catamarans!


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