Video games started out as a few points of light on a screen, darting back and forth in a digital game of ping pong. They progressed through weird yellow monsters eating ghosts, giant apes hurling barrels, and extremely bouncy plumbers, until they became a whole new art form. One capable of presenting sprawling epics and deep philosophical messages. Learn more about the enormous possibilities in video games at the Games for Change Festival, part of the Tribeca Film Festival! It’s going on April 21-24, and April 25 at various locations around the city!

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Game On

Video games, and the gamers who love them, are now capable of tremendous positive influence on us all. Those skeptical of this may be interested to know that a United Nations program used a video game as part of their development process for urban development in Kenya. Games help us visualize, communicate, and interact in ways we would never have anticipated twenty years ago.

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Games for Change presents three days of games, networking, and talks about this fascinating industry. Anyone who is involved in game creation will find opportunities to meet and speak with prominent game developers, as well as the chance to learn about new techniques and theories on game design.

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Playing for Change

It’s not all about industry professionals, however. Gamers will enjoy the chance to play board games, see the Games for Change Award Ceremony, and learn more about games they might never hear about otherwise.

The best event has to be the public arcade opening for the closing day on Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM. On Jay Street, between Greenwich Street and Hudson Street will feature both digital and live games from a variety of developers. Get out there and play!

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