Back in the early days of our great country, when the land was newly settled by brave pilgrims who came over the sea to start a new life, folks had to resort to some pretty rugged ways to travel. Carriages and wagons ruled the roads, which was pretty danged inconvenient when you hit water. (Convincing horses and oxen to wear life jackets is a real pain in the neck.) These days, we’ve got a far more civilized way to travel! This summer, you can take a trip to charming Nantucket, MA on a luxurious Seastreak ferry, and save yourself a ferry-load of time!

Nantucket in Style

Nantucket Island is an ideal destination for a summer weekend getaway, but many people are put off by the time it takes to get there. You’ll spend eight hours in a car between the New York and New Jersey area and Nantucket. Seastreak shaves hours off that trip. In just over six hours, you can be walking the historic streets and admiring the gorgeous Georgian-style and Greek Revival homes.

Visit Nantucket this Summer 1

A Unique Island Getaway

Nantucket has a variety of wonderful things to see and do. See beautiful sunsets at water’s edge on Madaket Beach. From there, it’s just a short walk to Millie’s Restaurant.

Visit Nantucket this Summer 2

Observe amazing wildlife at Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge, where giant red cedars offer shelter to deer, horseshoe crabs do slow motion arthropod ballets across the sand, and shore birds make nests. Don’t forget to visit Great Point Lighthouse while you’re there! Or hike along the 16 miles of beach trails so you can take in the water and woods.

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Seastreak wants to make your summer vacation memorable and stress free! Our ferries are equipped with all the amenities you want to make your journey pleasant and easy. Sit back on the deck with a drink from our cash bar, and watch the water slip by!


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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