It’s time now for Part Five of our holiday shopping series. This week, we have something as diverse and varied as one could hope to find in a normal retail store, only, well, better-made. That’s right, this time we’re looking at the Astoria Holiday Market. Bringing together artists, bakers, and designers, this fun-filled event is engineered to showcase the talent and creativity of Queens (and beyond!). And it’s open from 12-6pm on Sunday December 6th, 13th, and 20th for your shopping pleasure!
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All About Astoria
Astoria Holiday Market is based out of the Main Hall of the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, a non-profit organized and managed by the Bohemian Citizens’ Benevolent Society of Astoria. The Market transforms the Main Hall into a shopping center, filled to the brim with local vendors, artists, and artisans, all looking to provide you with the finest wares you’ll find for your shopping lists.
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Exciting Finds
Astoria Holiday Market offers a wide range of goods: accessories, art, baked goods, clothing, toys, jewelry, and other amazing gifts are there to be found. And, of course, there is no admissions charge — you may need to pay for what you get (that’s called “real life”) but you don’t need to pay a thing to get in the door.

And you’ll find here not just hand-made purchases, but also vintage items and edible goods. Try handmade ceramics, for instance, from Mayware, an artisan working out of his Brooklyn studio, as well as simply scrumptious baked goods from the WHOS bakery, a group dedicated to spreading health and good taste through their gluten-free pastries.
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With its fun location and array of both the new and the vintage, Astoria Holiday Market is a great place to go for your holiday shopping, be it as your main destination or even to supplement other locales. And when you go, take the Seastreak! We’ll ferry you there and back in artisan comfort, with amenities and pampering galore. Just the thing to take the edge off of what can be a stressful experience (holiday shopping just is that way) and make it a truly wonderful day. Why make a chore out of something when you can have it be a pleasure?

Sea you Soon!
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