From now until October 18th, a fantastic new production is going on at 79 East 4th St., at the New York Theatre Workshop. Fondly, Collette Richland is a show about the surreal and the unexpected, and can be the perfect antidote to any boring or mundane day. Want to know more? Read on.
Fondly 1
Fondly Yours
The play starts innocently enough, with Mr. and Mrs. “Fritz” Fitzhubert eating a quiet dinner at home. However, when they are joined by an uninvited guest, the trio find themselves drawn through a tiny door that they find in their living room. The other side proves to contain — or simply lead to? — a wondrous and quite surreal Alpen hotel where “forgotten religions seep through the cracks in the walls.” The trio is lead on dangerous hikes by lost relatives, hotel employees, and ladies of society as their lives are changed forever. Whether that’s for better or worse remains to be seen.
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Stupendous Sibyl
This play is written by Sibyl Kempson, a woman of no small talent or skill. She originated the role of Myrtle Wilson in Gatz, and stood in for Susie Sokol in the role of Jordan Baker on several occasions, including during international tours. This is not her first time collaborating with the members of the Elevator Repair Service (no, it’s not what it sounds like, it’s just the name of a theatre company), and she works beautifully with them to create a real treat for the audience.
Fondly 3
If you want a twist of the surreal in your life, Fondly, Collette Richland is for you. And while we may not have the quaint charm of an Alpen hotel (or any tiny, mysterious doors — if they appear below the waterline they can become a sinking hazard) we can provide the comfort you’d expect from an actual Alpen vacation. Join us on the Seastreak for real life luxury as we take you towards surreal discovery.

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