A quick glance at this store’s sign will make you pass this large storefront off as a supermarket, and when Topshop is across the street, who wants to think about groceries? If you were to take just five steps inside though, wonder, cheap thrills, and a whole lot of Asian culture will inspire you to walk further into the Pearl River Mart.

Pearl River Mart

Situated on busy Broadway in the middle of Soho amongst designer flagships, the Pearl River Mart is a rare gem loved by tourists and locals alike. This two story Asian mecca with two entrances (one on Broadway and one around the back on Mercer) will coax you into a land of wonder and things you probably don’t need, but want anyway.

Pearl River Mart 2

Upon entering the large windowed doors, you come face to face with a seemingly endless aisle lined on either side with Asian clothes such as kimonos, paper goods, “I heart NY” accessories, and home goods like teapots and utensils. It’s overwhelmingly difficult to decide where to begin, but we suggest starting at the front on the left, and working your way to the back and around.

Everything from wrapping paper and coin pouches to food lines the left side. On the other side, you will find items such as lamps, dishes, shoes and more. The waterfall on the wall of the grand staircase may cause a minute, or five minute, delay in your completion of circling the store. Yes, a waterfall does line the wall.

Make sure to descend those steps after you pick your jaw up from the floor because there are still more treasures to discover, including unique furniture, make-your-own mini-waterfall kits, kitchen items, and more decorative Buddha statues than you’ll know what to do with.

The Pearl River Mart is also a favorite for decorating on the cheap, because $30 can score you a sweet bag of stuff. We really like the inexpensive butterfly garland and Hello Kitty paraphernalia.

Even more unique than the home furnishings is the assortment of Asian candy found in the back, hidden among the Hello Kitty lunch boxes.

Waste away hours surveying the tchotchkes, and indulge in a little retail therapy that won’t break the bank. We dare you.

Now, we know what you’re thinking; is a glorified Asian dollar store worth the trip across the river? And naturally we say yes, especially because kids 12 and under ride free with Seastreak until Memorial Day. So, just buy the Hello Kitty lunch box already.

477 Broadway

New York, NY 10013

(800) 878-2446

Sea you soon,

The Seastreak Family

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