If Carrie Underwood just didn’t do it for you in the live Sound of Music t.v. special a few months ago, make your own musical theatre magic at a piano bar that combines happy people, good drinks, and classic tunes for a simply unique New York experience.  Check out these 2 killer NYC piano bars.

Marie’s Crisis Cafe

Marie’s Crisis is arguably the most famous show-tune bar in Manhattan. Bringing together history (it’s apparently a converted brothel and the place of Thomas Paine’s death) and talented pianists with an enviable repertoire, it’s hard to leave without a smile on your face.

Marie's Crisis Cafe

The tiny space packs a punch with punch, beer and no frill drinks, but what it lacks in square feet it makes up for with jolliness. Dive right in to enjoy a night full of sing-a-longs from every show ever on Broadway.

That time Darren Criss sang nearly every Disney song in creation at Marie’s.

Theatre nerds go nuts for this spot, and it isn’t uncommon for a famous face to drop by for a song or two.

59 Grove St

New York, NY 10014

Brandy’s Piano Bar

Titled an “Upper East Side gem”, Brandy’s Piano Bar has cornered the market on piano bars uptown. Still a rarity, Brandy’s takes itself serious enough to bring out a crowd, but cool enough to fly under the radar, even after being in business for 30 years.

Brandy's Piano Bar

Photo: Brandy’s Piano Bar

At this establishment, happy hour from 4pm-8pm will get you a quiet place to talk, but come 9:30pm when the music starts, courtesy of the piano player and melodious singing bartenders, don’t expect to find a table.

Have a grand old time singing along to everything from Broadway to Top 40 hits, belted out by the talented staff and an occasional patron. Requests are gladly taken well into the night, so after you meet your two drink minimum, you can really get your American Idol juices flowing.

It’s best to get there early, around 9pm, to snag a table for the show. And with no cover charge, there’s no worries!

235 E 84th St

New York, NY 10028

(212) 744-4949

Happy Hour 4pm – 8pm

Live Music 9:30 – 3am

Mosey your way over the river on our luxurious Seastreak ferry, in harmony with the waves, for a good time that may, or may not, make you lose your voice from singing so much.

Sea you soon,

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