Some words conjure up immediate and vivid mental imagery. (And sometimes, that’s really unfortunate. What has been seen by the mind’s eye cannot be unseen.) One such word is “bacchanal”. People picture shirtless men with sculpted torsos and nymphs toting around grapes, and a raucous party soaked in wine. A restaurant in the Bowery hopes to change that mental image into something with a bit more class (and fewer nymphs). Next time you head out to eat, check out Bacchanal, at 146 Bowery!

Bacchanal 1

Good Atmosphere, Great Food

You won’t find wild debauchery at Bacchanal. You should go anyway, though, because what you will find is a lovely, comfortable restaurant filled with dark woods and a cozy aesthetic. The atmosphere is both refined and casual, and décor stylish without sliding into pretentiousness.

As nice as the decorating is, you can’t eat the leather seat accents. With the menu here, you won’t want to. The food at Bacchanal sets it apart from all the other casual-yet-refined restaurants you can eat at in Manhattan. Cuisine here has diverse European influences, infused with seasonings and techniques unique to the kitchen here.

Start your meal with the unusual but delicious roasted bone marrow appetizer, and discover what a savory treat it can be! Or warm up with a bowl of butternut squash soup, with caramelized cranberries to really punch up the flavor. For a main course, indulge in wild striped bass with pumpkin chutney, or a grilled sirloin steak with charred onions, broccolini, and white ale fondue.

Bacchanal 2

Dine and Wine

One aspect of their name’s connotations that Bacchanal hasn’t done away with is the wine. The menu features foods specifically chosen to complement the extensive wine list. This selection features vintages for many countries, as well as exotic spirits such as absinthe.

Like good wines pair with excellent food, Seastreak is the perfect complement to your trip to Manhattan or Atlantic Highlands! Ride with us today, and learn the meaning of luxury!


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