Ramen is infamous for being cheaper than dirt, but much better tasting. You might get sick of the handful of spice-packet flavors available in your grocery store (especially if your diet’s been heavy on these squiggly noodles), but ramen has much more to offer as a meal. Hungry diners who’d like to find out all the delectable variants of this noodle-laden comfort food should head to Ivan Ramen! You can find it at 25 Clinton Street, or the Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop at 600 11th Avenue.

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Its Noodly Deliciousness

Ivan Ramen goes so far beyond compressed bricks of noodle scribbles, it’s sometimes hard to think they’re the same food at all. Fresh ingredients dominate the steaming bowls of soup, starting with noodles made fresh on site. These never did time as inmates in a pasta slab.

These float freely in broths of varying flavors that don’t even resemble Dehydrated Shrimp Fin or Unidentifiable Chicken Bits (or whatever the varieties you find in the store are). Ivan Ramen’s menu blends the authentic taste of true Asian ramen with touches of American ingenuity.

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No Soup for You?

Don’t feel like slurping up a bowl of soup? Ivan Ramen has you covered. You’ll find small plate foods available to suit your hungry belly. The smoked salmon donburi offers a distinctive and satisfying flavor. Diners who prefer chicken to fish will like the chicken cutlet katsu, with lemon, shiso, green cabbage, bulldog sauce, and karashi. Or try a good, old fashioned omelet with a twist, including scrapple rice and bonito.

Seastreak and ramen have more in common than you might think. Both are comfortable and familiar, and both are warm. Both are convenient, and both are a great value! Let us show you the best a ferry ride can be.


Sea you soon!

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