Ahoy, mateys! Put on your fanciest eye patch and dust off your tricorn hat, because it’s time you got some arr and arr! We know Talk Like a Pirate Day was back in September, but we’re breaking out the dialect for just a little bit to talk about a holiday show only a landlubber would miss. (And even landlubbers will get a kick out of it, so they ought to go, too.) Head down to the Snapple Theater Center (210 West 50th Street), and the Jerry Orbach Theater, for the Greatest Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr!

Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr 1

We Five Pirates of the Riley Rose Arr

The crew of the Riley Rose takes on Dickens in this hysterical, musical production that’s special for the season. They’re trying to perform the classic “A Christmas Carol”, but in true pirate fashion, they’re not quite getting it right. Three ghosts, one sea witch, five pirates, and possibly Dickens himself (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) take the stage for a show like no other.

Better still, they’re taking your suggestions! The prologue has holes you could sail a schooner through, and the audience are the ones who need to fill in the blanks. These suggestions are incorporated all through the show, giving every performance its own unique theme.

Pirate Holiday Spectacularrr 2

A Pirate’s Life for Me

This show runs for a limited time. It started December 20th, and it’s only going until January 3. Grab your tickets now so you don’t lose out on the chance to enjoy this night of laughter and song!

Seastreak’s hoisting the mainsail and setting sail on the seven seas! (Or the Hudson, either one.) Bring your crew and your parrot (on second thought, don’t bring the parrot), and come aboard the most luxurious catamarans in the port. We’ll never make you walk the plank!


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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