Everyone has rotten memories from this last year. We’re not even talking about massive, terrible memories from such things as illnesses or tragedies. Maybe the love of your life blew off a date by telling you he had to go wash his cat. Could be, you took a ferry other than Seastreak and are still trying to forget the experience. Want to ditch those memories for good? Head for Times Square, on Broadway between 43rd and 44th Streets, on Sunday, December 28. That’s when the annual Good Riddance Day is happening. Shred your rotten memories and start the New Year fresh!

Good Riddance Day 1

Out, Out Bad Memory

Good Riddance Day takes its inspiration from traditions in several Latin American countries, such as Panama and Peru. Those nations bring in the new year by setting bonfires and burning stuffed dolls called muñecos that represent bad memories (or disliked politicians). Hard to deny the fiery style of doing away with bad memories.

No one’s setting any fires in Times Square. Instead, organizers are calling on a little modern technology in the form of paper shredders. Attendees are encouraged to bring pictures, printouts, and other shred-worthy symbols of the year’s worst moments.

Good Riddance Day 2

The Start of a Happy New Year

Funny how such a small act can make you feel better. Whether your bad memories from the last year include heartbreaks, lost jobs, or a bill for the three flat tires you got on the same day, you can have the satisfaction of leaving them in pieces. Go on to 2015 a little lighter, and with a clean slate!

Good Riddance Day 3

Ready to make some good memories? Come down to Pier 11 and catch a ride with Seastreak. Our ferries have comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, a full-service bar, and terrific customer service.


Sea you soon!

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