The English language has plenty of words, but it doesn’t always have a term that conveys exactly what you mean. This is particularly true when discussing complicated or deep states of being. For those, we turn to other language. Consider the term “élan”. With just one word, the French language conveys a broad concept. It means energy, and style, and vivaciousness, too. For people in Manhattan, it also means tasty food served with flair and a complete disregard for geographical styles. Head over to élan Restaurant, at 43 East 20th Street!

Elan 1

No Capital Letter, but Capital Taste

élan Restaurant shoots for the middle ground between the dress-your-best dining room and the easy-going eatery, and lands squarely in the territory of casual sophistication. The space is simple but elegant. On display, you’ll find an art installation that rotates to feature a new artist every six months.

Discontented with settling for one eatery vibe, the restaurant also refuses to choose one style of cuisine. Why pick one, when you have a chef creative enough to manage them all? David Waltuck, formerly of the immensely popular Chanterelle, lets his culinary ingenuity run wild, and turns out unexpected dishes that you have to taste to believe.

Elan 2

Holy Guacamole

When you see “sea urchin guacamole” on the menu, you realize the master chef has tossed out the rulebook on ingredients you’d expect to put together. Yet it works out surprisingly well. For another delectable surprise, don’t miss “General Tso’s sweetbreads”. This is a dish that doesn’t taste just like chicken.

Elan 3

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