Nightowls rejoice! You know how you eyeball New York City’s nightlife, and think, “I’d really love to go to a Broadway show,” or, “I totally wish I could check out that awesome new night club I heard about on my favorite ferry blog?” Then you remember, “How would I get home to New Jersey that late without swimming across the bay in my swank duds?” (Do not swim across the bay in any duds, swank or otherwise.) Seastreak’s got your answer in our new late night service!

Late Night Service 1

The Night Belongs to Us

Weekends are ideal for staying out late, so we’ve added a late night service to our already convenient lineup of transport options from Manhattan to New Jersey. On Friday and Saturday nights only, you can climb onboard a luxury motor coach to head back across the bay in comfort. No need to catch a cab, or beg a ride from a friend headed that way.

Broadway shows are a pretty big draw, but most of them end after the last ferries have pulled out of the docks. Now, you’ve got more time to see big stars like Jake Gyllenhall in “Constellations”, or Bradley Cooper in “The Elephant Man”. Even if you aren’t headed to the Great White Way, you’ll have plenty of time for a movie after your delicious dinner at places like Decoy.

Late Night Service 2

Changing Our Schedule to Fit Yours

We’re always looking for ways to give our customers more of what they want. You wanted more time in New York after the sun went down, and we listened! Be certain to check our schedule to find the time that best suits your needs.

Whether it’s sailing across the blue-green bay in high class style, or driving over the blacktop while you nap in comfort, Seastreak gets you where you’re going. Day or night, we’ve got your transportation needs covered.


Sea you soon!

The Seastreak Family



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