Ask anyone who’s lived on both ends of the United States, and you’ll hear the same refrain: the East Coast and the West Coast had might as well be different countries. Everything from our accents to our cuisine styles are entirely distinct. (Even the language is different. Out there, the word “pizza” means “floppy crust with sad cheese on it”. Strange how the language evolves as you move from coast to coast.) You can get a taste of California-inspired foods without crossing the country by heading to Upland Restaurant, at 345 Park Avenue South!

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I Wish They All Could Be California Foods

California cuisine is known for its fresh, seasonal flavors and its utilization of the bounties brought by whatever season is happening around us. Chef Justin Smillie grew up surrounded by this approach to cooking, and he’s brought these ideas forward with him into his cooking techniques. After his years in New York, where he even garnered a three-star New York Times review for his work at Il Buco Alimentari, he’s brought his beloved California cuisine a delicious East Coast flare.

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The result is a unique menu filled with tastes both familiar to New Yorkers while remaining delightfully different. One look at the menu reveals foods that not only make your stomach growl just at the description, but evocative names to pique your curiosity. Torpedo beets? You just have to get a plate of anything with “torpedo” in the name.

Into the West Coast

There’s plenty more delicious food where that came from. Herb crusted octopus, Tasmanian sea trout, roasted short ribs for two… No one will go hungry at Upland. Even the pizzas transcend their California roots. They have left the sad cheese off in favor of fresh, flavorful ingredients.

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Lots of things make New York the best place in America. The best food, the best people, and the best ferries! Seastreak is proud to be part of the East Coast tradition.


Sea you soon!

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