Chefs have become a whole new breed of rock star. They get stopped on the street for pictures. People want their autographs. The screaming fans that once belonged exclusively to leather-clad bad boys now follow along after the ladies and gentlemen in the toque blanche. Half the fun of living in New York is touring the restaurants that belong to the stars of the professional kitchen. That’s what makes Chefs Club so exciting. It features a revolving cast of incredible chefs to bring diners new and interesting tastes! You can find it at 275 Mulberry Street.

Chefs Club 1

Dine Among the Stars of the Kitchen

Food & Wine Magazine features profiles and writings about the best cuisine around. Just by reading the articles, you get a taste for the delectable, the innovative, and the trendy treats hitting the most cutting-edge kitchens. It’s only natural they’d extend this culinary curation to a restaurant for diners to experience the trends for themselves.

Chefs Club 2

Chefs Club is the unconventional result of that creative idea. Every year, Food & Wine chooses four chefs from their list of the best new chefs, and invites them to create restaurant’s menu. They also spend time in The Studio, to give masterclasses and events to showcase their creations. (The Studio is the Chefs Club’s space dedicated to the creation of new and exciting dishes.)

The Chefs of 2015

This year, Chefs Club has four fascinating chefs curating the menu: Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson, Linton Hopkins, Gabriel Rucker, and Erik Anderson. They’ve each contributed a dish to the offerings, all distinctly their own style. The result is an array of meals unlike any you’ll find elsewhere!

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