Growing up is tough in the best of circumstances. Kids can be terribly mean to each other, and children have to learn difficult lessons as they find their way to adulthood. What happens when you add the strange and unexplainable to an already challenging time? Find out what happens when a young Swedish boy encounters situations that would bend the minds of even adults in “Let the Right One In”. It’s playing until February 15 at St. Ann’s Warehouse (38 Water Street in Brooklyn)!

Let the Right One In 1

Blood on the Snow

Oskar hasn’t got much going for him. He lives in a dreary and miserable neighborhood. His parents have split up, and his father has issues that cause his son grief. Bullies at school terrorize Oskar, and leave him without many companions. So when odd, enigmatic Eli moves in next door, Oskar is grateful to find a friend.

The pair of misfit youths forge a deep connection. Yet the bloody killings that plague the neighborhood make Oskar question what’s happening with his community, and with his new friend. What he finds out will change the course of both their budding relationship, and Oskar’s future.

Let the Right One In 2

An International Cult Hit

“Let the Right One In” began its life as a bestselling book in Sweden. Its successes saw it translated into many languages, and also adapted into a film in its native country. The creepy story caught on, and inspired American versions of both the book and the movie (called “Let Me In”, for those keeping track).

Only in 2013 did “Let the Right One In” see the stage. It started over the pond, and garnered rave reviews in both Scotland and England. Audiences in New York are in for a haunting treat!

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