“Oh you make me wanna shout!” Singing your heart out provides a healthy way to let off some steam, channel your inner Britney and most likely make a fool of yourself. These karaoke bars are a sure-fire way to laugh your butt off, whether you’re in front of the mic or not.

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Baby Grand

Part gallery and part karaoke bar, it’s a grand ole time every night! Unlike other karaoke bars, there aren’t any private rooms to sing in, just the bar and a jolly audience. They are known for their drag queen nights where the most fabulous ladies belt it out for your enjoyment. You have to be 25 years of age or older to get in though, so save this bar until you’ve graduated college…and grad school.

161 Lafayette St

New York, NY 10013

(212) 219-8110

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Bar On

A Chinese karaoke bar in Chinatown, can’t get much more authentic than that! Patrons sing the praises of the cool and high-tech interior; just take a look at the pictures! The oversized, lit up bar name makes for a perfect photo-op. Their song selection is impressive as well, but if you’re feeling shy there will be plenty of willing and vocally gifted patrons to entertain.

45 Mott St

New York, NY 10013

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Radio Star

Stealing the show is Radio Star, karaoke bar extraordinaire! With a main bar, and several themed rooms, each accommodating different sized groups, there’s nothing to complain about. Their menu includes food as well as drinks, so chow down on nachos, bacon wrapped shrimp and spinach dip while you wait your turn to sing with friends. Radio Star hosts happy hours Monday through Friday from 3pm to 8pm with $4 beers and half price karaoke.

3 W 35th St #1

New York, NY 10016

(212) 564-2520


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