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Do Honorable, Fluffy Battle at Pillow Fight NYC 2015

  April 1, 2015  //  Pillow Fight NYC 2015

Very few people are familiar with the historical significance of pillow fights. In ancient times, Roman men used to settle their differences in a sparring circle, armed only with pillows and cruel taunts. Medieval peasants stuffed old shirts with dirty rags, and pummeled each other in hopes of monetary donations from passersby. All right, neither…

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International Pillow Fight Day

  March 21, 2014  //  International Pillow Fight Day

When was the last time you had a pillow fight in all your 5 year old glory? It was probably so long ago you can’t remember. Well that’s all about to change because one of New York City’s, heck, the world’s, most anticipated events is back in Washington Square Park this year. Yep, it’s International…

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