Very few people are familiar with the historical significance of pillow fights. In ancient times, Roman men used to settle their differences in a sparring circle, armed only with pillows and cruel taunts. Medieval peasants stuffed old shirts with dirty rags, and pummeled each other in hopes of monetary donations from passersby. All right, neither of those happened. However, pillow fights truly are popular all over the world. The proof? International Pillow Fight Day, which is on Saturday, April 4! You can get in on the fun yourself at Washington Square Park at 3 PM for Pillow Fight NYC 2015!

Pillow Fight NYC 2015 1

Weapon of Choice

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the fun of a good, old fashioned pillow fight. Nothing can equal the pure, visceral pleasure of walloping others with soft, fluffy objects while getting gently bludgeoned yourself. It’s sure to be a blast, and it only happens once a year!

Pillow Fight NYC 2015 2

There’s a few rules to keep in mind while planning your trip into pillowy battle. First, bring only soft, feather-free pillows. Swing lightly, since there’ll be a lot of others swinging, too. Don’t swing at anyone without a pillow, or who has a camera. Take your glasses off beforehand!

Pillow Fight NYC 2015 3

If you don’t want to take your pillow with you, there’s a donation truck for them, with proceeds going to local homeless shelters. Oh, yes, and pajamas are welcome.

Victory Party for Pillow Warriors

After the pillow fight, head over to The Wick in Brooklyn (260 Merserole Street) for the official afterparty! There’ll be DJs, exciting light displays, and great music.

Once you have won the pillow war, let Seastreak bring you back to your home shores. We won’t even laugh at you if you’re in your pajamas. (Much.)


Sea you soon!

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