Stephen King fans, this one is definitely for you, and you’re not going to want to miss out on your chance to see Mr. King show off his playwright abilities. What’s better than a play by Stephen King? A play by Stephen King that features music by John Mellencamp. It’s “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County,” and it’s playing at the Beacon Theater (2124 Broadway). Grab your tickets fast! This is a one night only engagement on November 24.

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Southern Gothic in the Big Apple

The play is a little, belated piece of Halloween come to haunt the Ghosts of Christmas Impending, as the city’s stages fill up with holiday pageantry. The titular Ghost Brothers haunt their family cabin in the woods, lingering after a tragedy that occurred 40 years ago. It’s a Southern Gothic morality tale told in Stephen King’s inimitable style.

While the play originally toured as a more traditional production in 2012, this run of performances has been slightly retooled. It’s now closer to a theatrical concert, with much of the first run’s staging and costumes stripped out to allow John Mellencamp’s music to shine through. The soundtrack is heavy on blues and roots music, and the songs heavily explore the emotions and inner workings of the characters on stage.

The King and the Cougar

“Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” is Stephen King’s inaugural play. Most people know him for his prolific novel writing career, which has spanned decades and genres from horror to fantasy. John Mellencamp has had a prestigious musical career, and his unique style brings great depth to this production.

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