Wine is often just a facet of the meal you’re eating (even if it can be a pretty important facet). You pick delicious food, then have a man or woman with a fancy French title come over and recommend a vintage to go with your eats. Usually, the wine goes with what you’re ordering, and not the other way around. Not always so, at Pearl and Ash (220 Bowery). They have an all-star wine director, and a menu that goes pretty darn well with the wines.

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99 Bottles of Wine on the Wall

It’s pretty hard to miss the impressive collection of wines Pearl and Ash has on display. The old campfire song about how many bottles are on the wall doesn’t give the collection enough credit. Even people who aren’t so sure about wine may discover they’ve converted to the love of the fermented grape after an evening at Pearl and Ash.

One of the restaurant’s operating partners is Patrick Cappiello, who also serves as the wine director. The man has a truly daunting list of wine-related credentials, but you’d never expect it from a man in a flannel shirt. He’s as surprising and eclectic as the wine list he’s curated.

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There’s Food, Too

Pearl and Ash will gladly serve you delicious food to go with your wines. Their menu is nearly as impressive as their wine list. You can find small plate dishes, like octopus with sunflower seeds and shiso, or pork meatballs with shiitake. Larger appetites will want to try out meals such as the venison sausage with celery root and kohlrabi, or the duck with Concord grape. For a real wine-and-supper experience, check out the Renegade Wine Dinner!

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