Broccoli gets a bad rap. At least one President has famously dissed the maligned member of the cabbage family, and it ends up resigned to the edges of children’s dinner plates all across the country. It is a flower no one will give in a bouquet, or wear on a lapel. Only an exceptional restaurant can turn this outcast vegetable into a table favorite. Amali, at 115 E. 60th Street, is one such restaurant. It can turn the humble broccoli into a dish you’ll want to eat again and again!

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Food For Thought

Amali touts itself as an establishment that takes pride in serving sustainable Mediterranean cuisine. The menu celebrates the Mediterranean way of life, drawing its inspiration from the traditional dishes of vegetables, cheeses, grains, and fish. They emphasize that sustainability in everything, from the ingredients they use to the decoration and practices in the restaurant.

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The chefs here create dishes that draw on the bounty of the current season. Seafood comes from local fishermen, and is handpicked by the restaurant staff. Local ingredients come together to make delicious foods that are at once deceptively simple and fascinatingly complex. Take, for example, the broccoli. It’s roasted to perfection, and mingled with pistachios and bread crumbs for crunch. You’ll actually want to eat your vegetables at Amali.

Delicious, Responsible Cuisine

There’s more to Amali than the greens. You can order fresh, grass-fed beef served with potato confit and grilled scallion relish, with caramelized onions to go with it. Or why not try the surprisingly tasty chicken under a brick? It comes with grilled broccoli rabe, capers, and parmesan. (You don’t have to eat the brick.)

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Seastreak will not make you eat your vegetables. Instead, we’ll provide you with a full-service bar, some snacks, and the most comfortable ride on the East River you can find!


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