Remember a gentler, friendlier time, when people waved with all their fingers instead of just the middle one, and fizzy drinks were a treat to be savored? These days, you’d might as well ask if folks remember the Paleolithic Age. We live in a one-finger era when sodas come out of aluminum cans, but we can step back to when the most common jerks were soda jerks! Check out Hamilton’s, at 51 Bank Street. It’s a delicious homage to the 40s!

Hamilton's Soda Fountain 1

What Does It Look Like? Chopped Liver?

It’s only appropriate that this little gem of a restaurant-shaped remembrance is tucked away in a historical building. The décor looks like it could have come from a time traveler’s furniture sale, with fancy soda counter stools, cozy tables, and shiny chrome installations. What’s behind that counter is what makes this place worth a visit.

The food is reminiscent of diners from decades ago. Order tuna salad by the scoop, depending how hungry you are. (Or get a scoop of chopped liver, and enjoy the ensuing watercooler conversations. “What’d I have for lunch? A scoop of chopped liver, you?”) Want something warmer? The hot platters and burgers will do the trick.

Hamilton's Soda Fountain 2

Fizzy Drinks Done Right

The sodas, however, are the real treat. You can get the fresh, carbonated drinks, phosphates, and lactarts that it’s so hard to find anymore. If you’ve never experienced fizzy beverages made right there in front of you, you are missing out. It may spoil you for soda that comes out of a can. Hamilton’s also has cream sodas, milkshakes, and malts. You’ll want to head back to try them all.

Hamilton's Soda Fountain 3

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