The Southwest is a strange place by almost any standard. Hostile plantlife covered in spines. Temperatures hot enough to make any blast furnace feel inadequate. Southwestern cuisine makes up for the offensive plant life and oven-like temperatures, though, whether it’s authentic Mexican food or the exciting Tex Mex variant on it. You can get a taste of the Southwest at the newly opened restaurant over on 18th, Javelina Tex Mex! 119 East 18th Street, to be precise.

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Texas Taste in Manhattan

Tex Mex food borrows influences from both authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine, as well as the popular foods of the Lone Star State. It’s the best of both worlds, and a culinary style where you can find both chile rellenos and chicken fried steak. This blend of techniques produces a variety of dishes filled with both intense flavor and unique charm.

You can start your meal out with some dips to share, such as the guacamole (done up in mild, medium, or hot, depending on how much heat your face can handle), or the queso dip. Who doesn’t love cheese?

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Mas, Por Favor

After that, you might want to loosen your belt a notch. Just the selection of tacos, served with homemade tortillas, will leave you stuffed. Choose brisket tacos, or maybe chicken tacos. Or lamb tacos? San Antonio puffy tacos? It’ll take several trips to try them all.

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That’s saying nothing for the enchiladas, or the fajitas, or the entrees like chile relleno or wood-roasted steak. Wash it all down with one of Javelina’s signature frozen margaritas. Stick with the traditional style, or go wild with the prickly pear margarita. Or the avocado margarita. Go on, try it!

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