Most of us have heard of Prohibition, even if it seems pretty unreal from this far along in the future. Who can believe the government thought it was a good idea to ban drinking alcohol? It was a policy that was doomed not only to fail, but fail in truly spectacular fashion. However, Prohibition has inspired some fantastic and lingering imagery for theme parties, such as the speakeasy. These defiant, secret establishments operating right under the noses of the law still appeal to our feisty American spirit. You can get a taste of not only this enduring symbol, but also a selection of craft spirits, at the NYC Craft Distillers Festival! It’s happening on March 28 at the Bowery Hotel (335 Bowery).

NYC Craft Distillers Festival 1

Getting Into the Spirit

More than 20 craft distillers are bringing their best efforts to the Big Apple for this two-session event. You’ll be able to taste more than 60 crafts spirits at this unique speakeasy-themed party! Break out your fringe and your pinstripes and get ready to go out on the town for a night of sipping your way through a variety of spirits.

There’ll be a 1920’s style jazz band at each session to set the mood. For the first session, listen to the Brooklyn-based sounds of the Baby Soda Jazz Band. Second session, feast your ears on the sweet sounds of Jessy Carolina and the Hot Mess.

NYC Craft Distillers Festival 2

Sipping the Light Fantastic

There’ll be a selection of craft-brewed bourbons, rums, whiskeys, gins, and vodkas available for your taste-testing pleasure. Sample offerings from Catskill Distilling Company, local distillers of Most Righteous Bourbon; or from Philadelphia Distilling, with their Vieux Carre Absinthe. Grab your tickets early so you don’t miss your chance!

NYC Craft Distillers Festival 3

With a cash bar and snacks available, Seastreak ferries are a little like floating speakeasies. Take a seat inside or outside our luxurious catamarans and lift a glass to New York as you sail by!


Sea you soon!

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