Pay attention, class, because the School of Seastreak is now in session. (You, there. In the back. Don’t think we can’t see you making spitballs.) Today, we’re learning about when Greece won its independence from the Ottoman Empire. (This has nothing to do with footrests.) Greece fought a war for revolution between 1821 and 1832, to regain the freedom they’d lost during the fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453. This revolution involved all the makings of an epic tale, including a secret organization, revolts, alliances between countries, and naval battles.

Today, the Greeks celebrate their revolution in March, and you can take part in the festivities! Don’t miss the Greek Independence Day Parade on March 29th, at 1:45 PM, starting on 5th Avenue between 64th and 79th Streets!

Greek Independence Parade 1

Greeking Out

New York City has had a parade to commemorate Greece’s Independence Day since 1938. This year, it’s the 194th anniversary of the successful revolution, and the 77th year the parade has run. There’ll be more than 50 floats, bands, and other groups marching in the parade, and a huge turnout of more than 100,000 participants and spectators.

Greek Independence Parade 2

Andrew Cuomo, whom you might know as New York’s governor, was selected as this year’s parade Grand Marshal. Mr. Cuomo has lent tremendous support to Greek National causes during his career, as well as a staunch support for Cyprus.

Celebrating Greek Culture

This parade is a terrific way to learn more about a fascinating and long-lived set of traditions that have impacted other cultures all over the world. It’s called the largest gathering of Greek-Americans outside of Greece itself, all coming together to honor Hellenism, orthodoxy, and the freedom of Greece.

Greek Independence Parade 3

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