Ready for a relaxing summer getaway? We at Seastreak sure are. That’s why we’re bringing you the most civilized way to retreat from the hectic modern world. Catch a ride to Nantucket, MA with us this June, and discover the fastest way to get to this charismatic island! For folks looking for an excuse to indulge themselves in a trip to fascinating Nantucket, we’ll point out how they’ve got a distillery, a brewery, and a vineyard, all in one place. Kick back at Triple Eight Distillery, Cisco Brewers, and Nantucket Vineyard, at 5 Bartlett Farm Road, and lift a glass to summer!

Distillery Tour 1

A Thirst for Brewing

Clearly, the folks behind this trifecta of adult beverage establishments have a passion for turning fresh produce into fermented fun. After all, they weren’t content to stop at just one sort of drink! They have an interesting story to share, and their history is half the fun of the place. These people are proof of what you can do with dreams, teamwork, and a bit of basic equipment.

Distillery Tour 2

Today, they’ve gone from dreamers to achievers, and we’re all the luckier for it. Visiting the grounds is a real treat, both for the scenery and the interesting glimpse into how our favorite drinks are made. Take a tour of the facilities, and take home a tasting glass to remember it by!

The Taste of Success

Tours include the chance to sample many of the products they make on site. Beyond these, there’s a whole host of events you can enjoy. Have a look at the schedule so you can plan for the ones that catch your eye!

Distillery Tour 3

Trips to Nantucket, the Hamptons, and Martha’s Vineyard are better with Seastreak! Experience the most in luxury and convenience when you ride with us. We’re the only way to sail this summer, or any time of year.


Sea you soon!

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