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Discover & Wonder in Nantucket

  July 20, 2015  //  Seventh Annual Nantucket Garden Festival

The Seventh Annual Nantucket Garden Festival highlights the many gorgeous garden ecosystems on Nantucket and focuses on sustainability and conservation. This July 22-23rd the festival features creative workshops, tours, fun events for the little ones, and a grand opening night party. Head over to 1 Rugged Road. The proceeds will provide operating and scholarship funds…

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Come Aboard for Our Last Trip to Nantucket This Summer

  June 9, 2015  //  Nantucket

This is your last weekend to take advantage of Seastreak’s service to Nantucket, MA! We’re turning what could be a long, tedious drive into a quick, civilized sail to one of the niftiest places you’ll visit all year long! Don’t let this chance for a terrific trip sail on by. Here’s a few good reasons…

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Soak Up the Sun at Jetties Beach in Nantucket

  June 4, 2015  //  Nantucket

Let’s chat about vitamin D deficiency. In short, it’s no good. (Quality medical advice, brought to you by Seastreak.) We’ve been cooped up all winter, and some of us are looking a little pasty. Time to get back out in the sun and soak up some sweet, sweet vitamin D. For our health, of course!…

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Take a Seastreak Ferry to Nantucket and Check Out a Distillery, Brewery, and Vineyard

  May 29, 2015  //  Nantucket

Ready for a relaxing summer getaway? We at Seastreak sure are. That’s why we’re bringing you the most civilized way to retreat from the hectic modern world. Catch a ride to Nantucket, MA with us this June, and discover the fastest way to get to this charismatic island! For folks looking for an excuse to…

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Adventures Await on Historic Nantucket This Summer with Seastreak

  May 22, 2015  //  Nantucket, Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket, Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket with Seastreak

Have your summer vacations turned routine? Hum-drum, same old, same old? Want to find a more interesting locale where you can take in gorgeous sights, shop for mementos in fun shops, and maybe have an adventure or two? If that seems like a lot of work, or at least a lot of travel time, Seastreak…

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Head Back in Time by Visiting Historic Nantucket with Seastreak’s Summer Service

  May 15, 2015  //  Nantucket, Plan a Summer Getaway to Historic Nantucket with Seastreak

With such an aggressively modern world around us, it’s almost magical to find bits of history preserved around us. The past can seem like an entirely different world, one that happened far away and not in the places we walk through and touch today. Denizens of New York City know this feeling as they walk…

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Visit Beautiful Nantucket This Summer with Seastreak’s Newest Service

  May 8, 2015  //  Nantucket

Summer’s not as far away as it seemed a month ago. Even though the weather’s gotten better, it still might seem like the lazy days of warm summer sun are a long time off. However, now’s the best time to start planning what you want to do when vacation days appear on your doorstep. Have…

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