With such an aggressively modern world around us, it’s almost magical to find bits of history preserved around us. The past can seem like an entirely different world, one that happened far away and not in the places we walk through and touch today. Denizens of New York City know this feeling as they walk past historic buildings. In other places, entire towns have this enchanted, historic feel. You can visit one this summer with Seastreak’s new service to Nantucket, MA! It’s a place steeped in history, accessible now through New York’s most modern ferry.

Nantucket Mill and Farm 1

The Old Mill at 50 Prospect Street

This piece of history goes all the way back to 1746. It was built by a local sailor who’d spent more than his fair share of time in Holland, and now, it’s the oldest functioning mill in the entire country. Fittingly enough, that sailor made it out of wood from wrecked ships, which just adds to its interest now.

A visit to the Old Mill is fascinating. You can see how mills were designed, and how they work as well. You can even watch as the mill grinds corn! Tilting not allowed, so leave your copy of Cervantes at home.

Nantucket Mill and Farm 2

Bartlett’s Farm at 33 Bartlett Farm Road

Visit a working farm that’s been around since the early 1800s! Seven generations of the same family have owned and worked this patch of land since that time, and now, that endeavor has grown. Now, you can grab a bite to eat from their kitchen and take some delicious baked goods with you! An afternoon at Bartlett’s Farm is a fantastic way to pass a day. Be sure to check out the Event Calendar to see what fun things are happening!

Nantucket Mill and Farm 3

Whether you’re planning your summer vacation, or just commuting between New York and New Jersey, Seastreak is the most civilized way to get there! Experience our superior service for yourself today.


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