Summer’s not as far away as it seemed a month ago. Even though the weather’s gotten better, it still might seem like the lazy days of warm summer sun are a long time off. However, now’s the best time to start planning what you want to do when vacation days appear on your doorstep. Have you heard about our new service to Nantucket, MA this June? Charming Nantucket has a surprising variety of places to enjoy and things to do for everyone!

Nantucket in June 1

Nantucket Whaling Museum

You’ll have a whale of a tale to tell when you head to 13 Broad Street and visit the Whaling Museum. It was built just after Nantucket’s Great Fire in 1846, when the island’s whaling industry still did business but was on the way out. These days, it’s a fascinating glimpse of the island’s rich history.

See the beautiful lighthouse lens used at Sankaty Head Lighthouse, which brought sailors safely back to the dock night after night. Other displays show pieces of the lives sea-faring men and women led, from art to tools and more. You won’t be able to miss the truly incredible skeleton of a sperm whale hanging from the ceiling! It washed ashore in 1998, and now, it’s a spectacular centerpiece for this great museum.

Nantucket in June 2

Nantucket Atheneum

For people who are looking for different sorts of stories there’s the Nantucket Atheneum at 1 India Street. This is the island’s most unique library, but it’s more than a place to find books. It’s a gorgeous edifice, as well as a vital part of the island’s community. It hosts discussions, educational film series, and even concerts! Bibliophiles will find interesting old books among the stacks to learn more about the island and its history.

Nantucket in June 3

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