You can’t even walk down the street without tripping over the internet. It has thoroughly saturated our lives, and changed the way we do almost everything. We can keep in touch online, order pizzas, buy groceries, and even get married. (Til death or an outage do us part?) This week, you can learn more about how the internet is shaping all areas of our culture, including business, entertainment, and even food at Internet Week New York! There’s events beginning Monday, May 18 and running through Sunday, May 24 at various locations.

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The World on a Screen

There’s programming to suit everyone’s interests at this exciting week-long event. Certainly, you’ll find more business-oriented workshops about branding, social media, and how the internet can help you extend the reach of your company. Internet Week New York has valuable knowledge to offer on more than just corporations, however. Anyone with an interest in the world online will find informative or just plain fun events they’ll want to attend!

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Interested in online television programming and original content? Want to meet your favorite online celebrity dogs? There’s events for that. Learn more about 3-D printing with Makerbot CEO Johnathan Jaglom. Attend the annual celebration of Joey Ramone’s birthday! (That’s the lead singer of the Ramones.) It’s going to be a bash worth remembering.

Security, Big Data, and You

In recent years, internet security has become a hot topic of conversation. So has Big Data, and the ability for companies (and others) to mine and utilize your online information. Internet Week features several talks on these issues, where you can arm yourself with facts to better keep yourself safe online.

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