We can’t deny a certain fondness for the mad inventors in movies. They make crazy gadgets that power DeLoreans (we’re still waiting for our time-traveling catamaran), save our super spies (still waiting for the jet-powered ferry, too), and generally make us cackle with glee. Even better than those, however, are the real scientists who explain the world around us. Without scientists, our fiction wouldn’t be as compelling, and we’d be in the dark about how the universe works. Find out more about fact, fiction, and discovery at the World Science Festival! It’s happening May 27 through May 31 at various locations!

World Science Festival 1

A Festival – FOR SCIENCE!

So much happens in the scientific world, it’ll be hard to fit all the best parts into five days. But the World Science Festival will bend the very fabric of spacetime to bring you the most fascinating, mind-blowing aspects of what’s happening in science today. (Okay, that’s not possible, but they’ll explain why it isn’t!) For folks who are conscious of their budgets, plenty of the events are free of charge, making this a perfect outing.

World Science Festival 2

Science for Everyone

Learn more about space travel, dark matter, and the nature of reality, as well as awesome jobs in scientific fields. Not sure how any of that applies to your life, or just interested in how science intersects with what you do every day? Get the lowdown on science and what you put in your belly. Or discover more about how science brought you your favorite adult beverages. There’s programs and demonstrations for kids, too!

Popular programs are selling out tickets fast, so be sure to pick out what you want to see without delay!

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