Magicians guard their mysteries very zealously. Ask a magician how he performed a trick, and you’ll get cagey answers. Obfuscation is the name of the game, both in the performance of their amazing feats and the maintaining the veil of secrecy around the methods they use. The real magic isn’t in how they saw assistants in half. It’s in how they use mundane moves to inspire wonder in their audiences. One magician takes his craft to a whole new level of openness, however, and you have to see it to believe it! Don’t miss Christian Cagigal’s “Obscura” on May 21, at the Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street)!

Obscura 1

Hidden in Plain Sight

Christian Cagigal has a confidence few other stage magicians can match. Where other magicians create elaborate sets and carefully choose the angles from which they can be seen, Cagigal works under the revealing scrutiny of a video camera. Everything he does is projected up onto a massive screen above him. This gives audiences an unprecedented ability to see every move he motion he makes.

Sure, it’s more difficult, but it’s paid off in full by the reactions of everyone watching. The answers are right in front of them, but they’re obscured by the magic of a masterful performance. You can fool the human eye, but not the video camera. Yet Cagigal does, over and over again.


The Magic of Storytelling

Not only is Cagigal a magician, but a storyteller as well. He combines his mind-boggling magic with dark fables to stir the imagination. The result is an evening of wonder and mystery that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. He performs one night only, so get your tickets while you still can!

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