We’re spoiled, in New York. In other parts of the country, there might not be a lot of choices if you want to try authentic food from around the world. You might find a French restaurant that nods toward the style, but you probably won’t get a good sense of the real flavors of France. Same goes for every Mexican restaurant decorated in sombreros and maracas that serves refried beans from a can. In the Big Apple, we can find restaurants who take pride in authenticity. Take new restaurant Lupulo. It’s serving up delicious Portuguese cuisine at 835 6th Avenue!

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A Piece of Portugal in Your Backyard

Lupulo has a beautiful, rustic charm that’s both comfortable to linger in and sophisticated enough to appreciate. A large bar serves as the space’s anchor, inviting diners to sit, enjoy a drink, and eat their meal in a social atmosphere. Larger groups can come by tables to make it easier for sharing the variety of dishes served.

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And you will want to share. The dishes here were created with passing platters around in mind, an homage to the way meals are served in Portugal. Enjoy regional favorites such as the cataplana, a sort of round casserole with clams and sausage. Seafood is a specialty at Lupulo, fresh and prepared with delicious skill. All the wood-fired dishes are a true treat, as well!

Washing it Down

The Portuguese flair doesn’t end with the food. Lupulo serves an enviable selection of unusual Portuguese beers that hops fans will want to try. (Lupulo even means “hops”.) Wine drinkers won’t feel left out, either. The restaurant carries a variety of Portuguese wines as well, including Madeiras and ports.

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